I am a millionaire with #100,000

I am a millionaire with #100,000

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Did you say #100,000 is just?
Did you say two plots of land is small for a month is small?, not to talk of two years ..
I can show you with agriculture

Agriculture is a field with varieties of firm that can solidly stand on its own without dependence.
Nature has it that, the major key to poverty alleviation is time. This implies that I have little time but huge capital.

I am delighted that Agricmedia is giving a medium like this to myself and fellow agric lovers to share initiations of what we've nursed and feel need to manifest.
This is what I will put to place if I have two plots of land within two years and a hundred thousand of devaluating naira :

Rabbit production;
It's not so clear to us that where we look, looks big but where we ignore is bigger.
"When agriculture is handled as a culture then it's not agribusiness" ..Femtouch .
Rabbits are kept in a rabbiter which collection is hutches.

How it works?
Rabbits are prolific animals that can have 10-12 progeny at a time, they require less attention because they take care of their offsprings themselves . Rabbit meat are of high nutrient with low colostrum And thereby can be used to cure some diseases of man. The amount of sale for each mature rabbit cost at least #4000 which makes it looks as if the consumption will be higher. Rabbits feed on roughage and all possible waste of kitchen and farms that's they are omnivores.
Rabbit are smart animals and can in essence be hard to rear if not under proper housing but different abode can be made for them as they can to the least be reared at home as a compound farm.

How I will make it work?

Following the knowledge of land preparation, I will clear the land with fun and excitement that OAFIL seeds taught me to love agriculture and I do.
On two plots of land, I will purchase a wooden hutches with security against vertebral pest( man etc) of 10 pieces which cost #3,000 each, estimated to #30,000.

Each wooden hutch can contain four rabbits for space sake but a total of 20 rabbits is purchased for a start. The purchase of one rabbit is #2500, in 20 places makes #50,000.

Ratio percentage :14 sows and 6 bucks will be bought as the standard mating range.
The hutches takes a capacity of one plot of land with enough spacing that I intend giving adequate supervision which gives me one plot of land as a supplement.
A kindling box for mating of the rabbits is also provided in each rabbitery for #300 each and estimate to #3,000 for the 10 hutches.
Rabbit production itself estimates at #83,000.
Farming does not restrain my effort to a sector, it only encourages me to do more. The feed of the rabbit Is what I also intend generating on the farm for easy access to feed and enhance growth of my buck and sow.

On the second plot of land, mixed farming of cereals(Maize) and legumes(pigeon pea) is done, where a bowl of seed of maize and pea costs #1500 each.
My purpose of this planting is not solely directed at selling the plants but feeding my rabbit with it and thereby doesn't need weeding because the weed is also a feed to my angelic beautiful rabbits. Also, no fertilizer application which may increase my cost of production. The cost of labor on this is estimated to be #3000.
In estimate of, mixed farming cost #6,000 as a token.

Cost of the whole operation now sums of to...#89,000
Man proposes but God disposes, miscellaneous of the whole amount proposed is kept as 5 percent of all(#4450).

Competitive edge;

I am a student that has consultation at its feet with lecturers and professors of several years of experience always willing to help.

Total cost of the operation is :#93,350.
Making me to have #6,750 for feeding the rabbits before my plants germinates.

Income Analysis :

The first mating will be done after 2 weeks of adaptability to the environment since they were even ripe for mating and after 28days of gestation period, my kittens are available for sale at #2,000 each which on estimate 8 kittens at worst per sow ( 14*8=112 kittens).

I intend keeping at least 2 kittens per hutch for desired traits might occur

Am rich.. #2,000 in 100 = # 200,000 in just first mating within 4-5 month's.
This in a year, yields at least #500,000 which is half a million of naira. And in two years I am a millionaire.

As rainfall is necessary for my mixed farming as well, sales per year is also an option. Remains after feeding per stand is #40 at an average.

Percentage of stands that are not fed to animals is 180, which implies 40*180=#7,200 and rainfall becomes worst gives 3 output in 2 years which estimates at #21,600.

Within the stipulated two years , I am a millionaire that plans to also give a hundred thousand naira and a 2 plots of land to generations behind me .

Thanks to Mr Oluwafemi Abioye ,
God bless OAFIL,
God bless agricmedia,
God bless Mm and my country, Nigeria.
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