Syllogists accusations

Syllogists accusations

Postby Bossmm » 2016-03-25 22:11

We are Muslims not syllogisms;

The religion of Islam (Muslim) is peace and the vision that guides our mission is unity.
As proud as this should be supported, abusive and offensive fingers were pointed by those that are to leave sentiments behind and strictly adhere to the truth.

Islam doesn't support rape as Muslims will never abduct child.

In the aim of the religion to prevent adultery and fornications,by getting our children and youths married at proper age. It was mistook for something else both by antagonist and even half-learned Muslims.

Our religion,the religion of believe in oneness of Allah emphasize more on the perfection of adequate care on our female child for they are our soft blood in different chapters of the Quran.
This very well, do not mean that we go against our saying that conjugation should be propelled to hold at proper time of youths.

However, shames and assaults are shed on the 12th name of the religion and it's leaders.
Our leaders support education and will take measures to go against adulteration.

With so much pain and grieve in our hearts, from the minds of the Muslim youths.
We say; we are muslims not syllogisms!!!
Assalamu alaeikum waramotullahi wabarakatu...
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