Agricmedia Agribusiness Competition: #100,000 + 1 Acre

Agricmedia Agribusiness Competition: #100,000 + 1 Acre

Postby femtouch » 2016-04-30 22:26

Agricmedia Agribusiness Competition Starts On Sunday, May 1, 2016

The 1st edition of Agricmedia Agribusiness Competition is a battle for Agricmedia/OAFIL ( and Star Price of #1000,000:00 and 1 Acre of Land
, the land is for 2 years lease period but optional

A. Rules and Regulations:
1. Participants MUST be a registered member of Agricmedia (
2. Competitor to request for username and password to Agricmedia YouTube Channel in order to upload the video file of his/her proposal/plan
3. Upload your plan/proposal (write-up) on (Leadership & Motivation Forum – CTRL + Enter Key on your keyboard)
4. Get people to like your post (Likers/voters to be a registered member or new voters to register with username and email)
5. Upload video of your proposal not more than 30mins to video recordings on Agricmediacompetition Channel on YouTube
6. Competitor may create web link of his/her video on the text file within
7. People to Like your Agricbusiness Proposal/Plan
8. Stage 1 – Panel of special judges to select Top 5 Agricmedia Agricbusiness Plan/Proposal with highest votes for thorough review
9. Top 5 selected Proposal/Plan to enter Stage 2 of the competition
10. Highest Likes on Top 3 to emerge the winner of 1st Edition Agricmedia Agricbusiness Competition
11. Duration of competitions
- Stage 1: 90 days
- Special Panel of Judges Review: 1 week
- Stage 2: 30 days


13. Test Video Could be viewed on Agricmedia Agribusiness YouTube Channel

B. Stage 1: The first stage is the presentation of Agricmedia Agribusiness Plan/Proposal and getting people to like your proposal/plan on (Leadership & Motivation ) and Agricmediacompetition YouTube Channel

Your agricbusiness plan/proposal must consist of the under listed components:
- Executive Summary
- Product and services (Technical)
- Financial Plan (Finance)
- Market Analysis (Business)
- Marketing and Sales (Business)
- Farm Structure (Human Resources)
- Appendix/Reference etc

C. Criteria for selection
- Proposal with highest Likes on
- Proposal with highest Likes on agricmediacompetition YouTube channel
- Special panel of judges to select Top 5 highest likes for review

D. Stage 2
- Highest likes from d Top 3 after d Special Panel Selection to have an opportunity to review and upgrade their proposals and re-enter the competition
- Person with the highest Likes (on website and YouTube) to emerge winner of 1st Agricmedia Agribusiness Competition

E. Start Date:
May 1, 2016

Good Luck To All Competitors!!!

God Bless OAFIL
God Bless Agricmedia
God Bless Nigeria
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