Importance of Bitter Leaf, "Veronia Amygdalina"?

Importance of Bitter Leaf, "Veronia Amygdalina"?

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Bitter leaf is believed to originate from Africa. The leaf can be cooked, juiced and chewed raw while the stem could serve as chewing stick.

Importance of Bitter Leaf:

Blood Cholesterol Regulations:
Regular consumption of this vegetable helps to regulate a blood cholesterol level which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

Rich in Vitamins:
Bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Due to the presence of nutrients especially Beta Carotene,

Helps Improve Hormones:
It controls the synthesis of female sex hormones. This allows women to stay younger and healthy for a longer duration of time.

Helps Regulate Blood Sugar:
Bitter leaf has been shown to significantly lower blood sugar levels. It does not only reduce blood sugar, it also helps to repair the pancreas.

Drinking juice extracted from bitter leaf to get its juice helps to reduce malaria and fever.

Stimulate Appetite:
Chewing the stem could help to stimulate appetite and quick recovery from malaria and loss of appetite

Helps Nursing Mother:
Consumption of the plant is helpful in increasing milk production in breast feeding mothers.

Sleep Stimulant:
It is also useful in treating sleeplessness (insomnia) and boosting immune function. It can be utilized in the management of coughs, helminthiasis (worm infestations) constipation and as fertility inducers.

Generally, vegetable soup from bitter leave is a good source of missing vitamins and minerals in our diets.
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