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This group is set to promote Agricmedia/Agric business.

It is a group for all, To liberate all members in terms of farmers entitlement and opportunity.

. It is an avenue that will create awareness of opportunities within the Nation and beyond.

It is a group that will help members to achieve anything possible in farming sector and also push Agricmedia for global view.

It is an eye opener that sharpens the mind in the Field of agriculture and other sectors.

All member should always endeavour to encourage themselves in global posting each day..

Offences: no member is permitted to advertise anything outside farming on the group.

No member of this group is permitted to defraud or turn group to dating sites.

Everyone must be ready to contribute to a rescue situation of the next person in terms of whatever issue such an individual is going through in his/her respective farms.

Every member of this group is entitle to what we call quick response. This means if anyone has a problem, he/she can post quickly and everyone who has solutions will respond with immediate effect and then admin takes a responsibility to also get necessary information from such fellow.
Admin will also do all to get additional info to rescue such person and make us all detailed.

From time to time there would be info of seminars such as agricultural posting at anytime and keep the group alive which is not limited by any time of the day.

A- Agriculture becoming visible through internet.
G- Growth becomes inevitable for we are relentless
R- Right to life is supported by agriculture
I- internet, the solution to mechanized agriculture
C- culture is our sustainability skill
M - memory kept with us is a life we protect
E - establishing the feet of agriculture is our lion aim
D - Descending information to the masses is our focus
I- Intelligent consultation is our support
A - Advancing agriculture for humanity

Thanks for your usual cooperation.

God bless.
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